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Welcome to the Student Training Center. 

Here you will find information on starting your On-Line training experience.

You’ll also log into your selected seminar classes below using the Student ID code e-mailed to you from our Office of Student Admissions. 


Enter Student ID
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Then press Class Log-In

For first time students, or those evaluating our classes, we recommend you spend a few minutes reading the information below before beginning your classes. 

If you haven’t already, we also recommend that you watch our tutorial on logging into classes.   Click here to view our tutorial.

Recommended Reading / Frequently Asked Questions

  • Before Class

    How will the Class be presented?

    Once your class has begun, it will be presented to you in a sequence of slides.  Each slide will be accompanied by voice narration.  Near the end of the narration, a NEXT SLIDE button will appear on the lower right hand side of the training slide.

    Press the NEXT SLIDE button and you will continue to the next slide in your training class.

    If you do not have audio available on your computer, simply read the slide content directly and wait for the NEXT SLIDE button to appear.

    You may take additional time to review any slide even after the NEXT SLIDE button appears.  Our system will wait for you so take all the study time you wish.

  • Starting Class
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  • FAQ 5 / 6
  • Finishing the Class / Taking the Exam